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Headliner Shampoo Before & After Pictures Below

This Add-on Can Add An Extra 30 to 40 Minutes To An Interior Detail, And It’s Quite a Challenge Cleaning These Working Upside Down, And The Detailer Gets Quite Wet And Usually Has To Work in Wet Clothes For The Rest Of The Day, so this is why it’s an Add On that we charge extra for. The results truly are Amazing.

If your vehicle smells like smoke and you would like The Smoke Smell, Tar & Nicotine Staining Gone I highly recommend Adding The Headliner Add-On. The Headliner Add-on is an Extra Charge while The Special Smoke Deodorant is included..

The pictures on this page show a really good example of how well our Interior Detail Cleaning results are and with our Shiny Renewal Conditioner Applied after cleaning. Hopefully your vehicle isn't this bad, but if it is look how well it will turn out with our service.


Bubbles on Macleod Trail Charges $500 for this type of service. Sure, they'll wash the outside as well but you can go to a self-serve car wash for $5 or an automatic drive through car wash for $13 instead and save $300.


Many of my customers have been to Bubbles and told me that we offer a much better quality and thorough service, we're quite a bit cheaper and we are a Mobile Service as well, we just don't have the huge overhead that they do and not everyone can afford $500.

In The Spring & Summertime of 2023 our Mobile Service for this quality of a Detailing Ranges from $175 to $209 for our #1 Package.
Before Spring 2024 we will be increasing our prices due to the increased costs associated with The Dreaded Inflation and because we offer A Five Star Detailing Service and have over 200 Five Star Reviews on Google with an Average Google Rating of 5.0 Stars.

Door Jambs & Weather Stripping
Detail Cleaned & Dressed with our Shiny Renewal Conditioner


A Bottle of Red Wine Exploded in This Customers New Car


No Problem, All Gone Now. She even gave us a 5 Star Review on Google.

Extra Dirty Service/Work Pickup Trucks

If Your Pickup Truck is This Bad We Charge Extra. Extra Dirty Service/Work Pickup Trucks Dedicated Page Link Below

Plastic Mats

Scrubbed Clean & Conditioned with our Shiny Renewal Conditioner


Dog Hair & Dirty Hairy Mats

The Red Pickup Truck
Featured Below.
My Repeat Customer paid $300 with Tip for this Detail.
Vinyl Seats
Detail Cleaned And Dressed
With Our Premium
Shiny Renewal Conditioner
And Dog Hair Removed.
3.5 hour Detail.

Vinyl & Leather Seats
Detail Cleaned And Dressed
With Our Premium Shiny Renewal Conditioner.

We Will Blow Your Mind With Our Amazing Detail Cleaning Service.
You won't want to go anywhere else ever again.
Five Star Detailing Service Every Time.